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Five-Dollar Bandana Shipping

Five-Dollar Bandana Shipping

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If you want to take advantage of the bandana sale - but you'd rather not worry about contactless delivery or free pickup - we've got five dollar flat rate shipping!


- this is for orders that contain BANDANAS ONLY - please do not add any other products to your cart!

- if there are other products ASIDE FROM BANDANAS in your order, we will contact you to cancel the order or pay additional shipping costs to cover the added volume of your parcel

- flat rate shipping for bandanas will only be available for duration of our Bananas for Bandanas sale

- all bandanas will ship on Mondays, for the rest of the summer!



- ADD this listing to your cart

- SELECT Free Pickup when you checkout and select a random day/time (this is to bypass our "no shipping" policy)

- We'll do the rest!